You will need to whitelist our email address to ensure you receive updates from us and never miss a thing!

email_icon_animatedYour email provider wants to do it’s best to stop you receiving spam, yes I know – it doesn’t always do it that well, and sometimes it gets a little enthusiastic and stops the messages that you do want to receive!

However, if you follow the simple instructions below, all should be well and you should receive your messages from Working A Better Life.

For Gmail Users:

  1. Check your email now to find a message from Us – in your inbox, locate an email from (for example your welcome email). It would be a good idea to do this with all email addresses from us.
  2. Do this… Drag this email to the primary tab of your Gmail inbox​
  3. All done in Gmail – you will see that our emails go to your primary folder in future!

For All Other Email Service Providers:

Check the links below for instructions on how to do this:​