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Photography Pricing and the mistake many photographers make…


In this video I talk about some of the myths and misconceptions about pricing for professional photographers and why no one business model is better than any other.

[00:01:01] Why not everyone can serve the top end of the market.

[00:02:59] How putting up prices too quickly brought one photographer’s business to a grinding halt

[00:03:47] How starting off with lower prices can increase your chances of success

[00:05:03] Going from £500 weddings to £3,000 weddings

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About the Author Louise Beattie

Louise Beattie has presented well-received Masterclasses at the SWPP Convention in London, been commissioned to photograph Prince Charles and world championship motorcycle racer Scott Redding twice. She is the founder of Working A Better Life and Prosperous Photographer and works with photographers who want to fill their diary with high-quality clients, grow their business and increase their profits. Louise loves time playing with her dogs, MotoGP and watching The West Wing (again). She also likes to geek out about business and marketing.

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