September 30, 2021  |  minute read

Once again, Mike Michalowicz has written a business classic.

(Full disclosure, I’m a big fan of Mike’s books and have implemented the systems he teaches in my business – including Profit First, Fix This Next.)

In his book Get Different he turns his attention to the main problem facing most business owners when it comes to marketing their business and attracting more sales – standing out in an ever crowded market.

It doesn’t matter how good your marketing funnel is, if no-one notices your business in the first place, everything else after that is for nothing.


Why You Should Get Different With Your Marketing

In the book the author argues that if you have a product or service that you stand behind and believe is a better option for people then you are doing people a dis-service if you don’t market it better so that people become aware of it’s existence and can benefit from it:

“Your mission to market isn’t about you alone. It is about something much, much bigger. It is about you, your family, your community, our world. If you offer something that serves. You must make everyone aware. We need you, but we don’t know you exist. And that “not knowing you exist” part is your responsibility to fix. Starting immediately.

If your offer is better than the alternatives, in any single way, you shouldn’t try to market to your prospect, you must market to them.

You have a responsibility to beat competitors, big and small companies alike – the unscrupulous companies, the companies who give less, and the companies who care less than you do about the people you serve. Otherwise, you are letting your customers get ripped off.”

It’s a strong call to action and this a book about marketing with heart. There are nearly 300 pages of actionable advice – from quick wins to deep strategies, with lots of examples and case studies from all kinds of businesses, including Mike’s own and those of his clients – all detailing how to get prospects attention on you, your business, and your offering. This book shows you why marketing the same way that everyone else in your industry markets doesn’t work well and how implementing even a very simple differentiator in your marketing can have phenomenal results.

As you progress through the book you are given exercises to help you come up with different marketing ideas along with plenty of successful examples to BE DIFFERENT in your marketing. Mike also guides you through using the “DAD” Framework (Differentiate, Attract and Direct) and the “Get Different Experiment Sheet” so that you can track your ideas and evaluate their effectiveness. It is deceptively simple yet very effective.

Mike’s writing style is certainly has humour and does not do dry and boring! The book is written with a conversational tone and not in your usual dry business book format.

If you want an easy to follow framework to get you and your business noticed, then I highly recommend this book, whether you are a solopreneur, have a small business or larger business, whether it is online or local, I guarantee that you will get actionable insights from this book that will make a difference and help you stand out.

Get Different - Marketing That Can't Be Ignored - the new book from Mike Michalowicz


You can get it at this link right now: Get Different Book

About the Author Louise Beattie

Louise Beattie helps small business owners get clear on the exact steps they need to take to create a sustainable and profitable business.No cookie cutter templates, it's about creating a business that meets your idea of success so that you can create independence and enjoy freedom of choice in your life. Get clear on what success means to YOU and confidently moving towards that.Louise is a Business Coach and certified Fix This Next Advisor.

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