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Write your In this call I did a walk through of the new Social Content Made Simple Dashboard in Notion. This is the system I have been testing and using to dramatically increase my efficiency when it comes to creating social media content whilst ensuring that my content is the right mix of post types.

This system also makes it very easy to keep a library of the content that I have created for re-use/repurposing whilst also connecting it to products and marketing campaigns so that it's easy to find content for promotions.

I then gave a quick walk through of how I use the principles in the Selling From Your Clients Perspective Call to prepare for creating a sales page.

Then we took a look at Sandie's dog photography website, which she has just updated to a new theme. I walked through several improvements that she can quickly and simply make that should boost conversions. Worth a watch whatever your niche or market as you will definitely be able to take something away from it. introduction to this course here...


Social Content System & Website Feedback




About the teacher

Louise Beattie

Louise Beattie helps small business owners get clear on the exact steps they need to take to create a sustainable and profitable business.

No cookie cutter templates, it's about creating a business that meets your idea of success so that you can create independence and enjoy freedom of choice in your life. Get clear on what success means to YOU and confidently moving towards that.

Louise is a Business Catalyst and Positive Intelligence Coach

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