“Louise delivered a fantastic seminar this afternoon to a packed room. It was a very inspirational seminar that was delivered with passion and honesty and was so helpful to me as someone about to launch a full-time photography business. I have attended four days of classes at the convention this week, but I can confidently say it is yours that has provided the most help.” – Duncan Langree

Your business is meant to support you in creating a better life.

Sadly, in all too many cases, it can become an all-consuming entity that takes over your life, in the worst cases leaving you worse off than when you had a job you hated.

Instead, being able to GROW your business and bottom-line profits so that your business not only supports you and your family but also enables you to create your ideal life, too many business owners end up on a hamster wheel of constant hustle and grind, with little time left for what’s important in life.

And you know that there has to be a better way.

My name is Louise Beattie,  and I’m the founder of Working A Better Life.

I started Working A Better Life because I too had come to hate and resent what had once been my dream business.

You see I understand how you feel, I have been where you are.

Before I started my photography business I had a varied career ending up spending 15 years in the oil industry working around the world on subsea construction ships. But I always wanted my own business – in my early twenties I wanted to start a photography business but I didn’t have the confidence or self-belief to think that I could do it.

Eventually, as I approached my 40’s it reached a point where it was now or never if I was going to leave the oil industry and do something I loved.

That and the realisation, whilst researching my own wedding photographer, that wedding photography had become a beautiful art, led me to make the big jump to running my own photography business for 5 years.

It was an amazing experience that took me to Rome, Madrid and Portugal with many highlights along the way – photographing Prince Charles, photographing world championship motorcycle racer Scott Redding twice (and yes I admit it, I am a fan) to presenting well received masterclasses on the business of photography at Europe’s largest photography convention in London (SWPP) as well as being published and featured in magazines and winning the Women Ahead Rising Star Award in 2011.

On the outside things looked great.

However, instead of being able to enjoy life as a professional photographer I found myself working all the hours I had for very little pay.

The reality was that I was disillusioned, constantly tired, overwhelmed and seriously burned out.

It wasn’t for a lack of learning about business and marketing. I invested in that side of my business too.

The trouble was it didn’t matter how hard I worked at implementing what I learned I just didn’t seem to be able to make that breakthrough to a business that I owned, that enabled me to work hard in my business whilst still having time to enjoy life outside of business.

It wasn’t just me.

I knew and networked with plenty of other smart, intelligent people who had given up good jobs to create a business that would enable them to create a better life, yet they too were in the same boat that I was.

I kept coming back to the idea that there was something missing, something that we weren’t being taught.

So I set out to discover what it was that had been missing from my business, and those of the people around me, so that I could work a better life.


I started a blog, Working A Better Life, and invested in learning about business and marketing from mentors who had consulted with multi-million dollar businesses, who were successfully coaching six and seven-figure business owners.

And what I learned shocked me. No one was teaching the principles of business and marketing, the basics if you like.

Everyone I had been learning from was teaching the latest, shiny tactics, tactics that are constantly evolving with technology and social media algorithm changes.

However, no-one was teaching the underlying principles of business and marketing to make those very tactics work for your business, in your market.

No-one was teaching you how to develop a strategy based around your goals, your assets and resources.

I  realise now that it was like being given the pieces to different sections of a jigsaw puzzle, with big chunks missing, and no overall picture of what the jigsaw puzzle was meant to look like when it was completed.

No wonder I was struggling!

I also began to realise that I loved the business side of things more than I did social photography (travel photography had always been my first love).

That, combined with the fact that I was so tired of giving it my all to just stand still made me take the difficult decision to close my photography business.


I have been lucky to study and mentor with some amazing six and seven-figure business owners along the way. People who go about building an amazing business and sharing their knowledge and experience. Their down to earth attitude and no-nonsense approach to business has been massively inspiring and helped me make many breakthroughs in my own business, whilst enabling me to create the life I want. And now I get to enjoy helping other business owners Work A Better life too.


A few of my favourite images from my time as a professional photographer:


“Before my session with Louise I wasn’t quite sure about what I would gain from a business coaching call. The result far exceeded my expectations. Louise helped me to look at my business with a fresh eye so that I could identify key areas for growth and improvement. She also gave me a unique insight into some of the aspects that were holding me back. I am now a convert! If you are looking to gain clarity and a leading edge in your business I would highly recommend Louise as the go-to person in this field.” – Celia Almeida

On A More Personal Note

I live with my husband Jeff on the North East Coast of Scotland and we enjoy a quiet life in the countryside with our dog Duke. I love motorbikes, although recently sold mine as I just wasn’t getting out on it enough and priorities shifted when Duke came into our life. I love to travel, especially Italy, and there are plenty more places on the bucket list!