Ditch the experts who try to make your business fit their solution and...

Get clear on the exact steps to make your business successful & profitable

Ditch the experts who try to make your business fit their solution and...

Get clear on the exact steps that will make your business successful & profitable

had enough...

Tired Of The Relentless Grind?

It's time to stop sucking up the relentless grind and escape the endless list of things to do that never gets shorter because there's always something new that needs your attention... 

  • Are you tired of starting too many ideas and never getting them done, leaving you with a graveyard of good intentions and business ideas?
  • Are you sick of the experts selling you courses that fit their solution and are a poor fit for you and your business?
  • Have you had enough of trying to figure out how to make a decent profit from your dream business, whilst you become more overwhelmed and frustrated?

want to a successful & Profitable business?

If You Want Independence and Freedom of Choice, It Begins With You...

Success isn't necessarily about 10 X-ing your business or changing the world, although it can be.

It's about knowing what kind of business you want and being clear on how you want to show up in the world...
Then creating a business that gives you the independence and freedom of choice to create YOUR version of success, NOT someone else's.  

When you know where it is you want to go and why, only then can you confidently move towards and evolve into that.


The Philosophy

For too long business owners have been sold on the myth that they just need the latest, hottest tactics along with hard work to make their business a success.

The truth is, that’s just a shortcut to overwhelm, struggle and broke. A path that leads to the Survival Trap - a never ending cycle of constantly changing tactics that you can’t make work for you and that quickly become outdated.

When you change the way you think about business, you discover that the Fundamental Principles will always serve you and guide you into creating the right strategies for you.

Combine this fundamental shift in approach with developing your Mental Fitness for business, then you get to design your business around you, your objectives and your ideal life. 

know What your business needs

Always be working on the most important thing that your business needs, not the first thing that brings a sense of relief or movement.

Develop A Strategy That Fits Your Business 

Want a sustainable & profitable business, don't skip the fundamentals that will support your business as it grows and evolves.

be the person you need to be

Do you have the Mental Fitness & fortitude to create your ideal business? Or are those insidious voices in your head sabotaging you every step of the way?


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They say...

Working with Louise has been a breath of fresh air. Before, I didn't feel I had any direction in my business. Now I have so much more clarity over what I am doing. I haven't done a single exercise where I’ve thought “I don’t get the point of this”. SO MUCH VALUE.

Sandie Powner

Owner Executive Holidays, Photographer

My business has moved forward with more traction and focus in the last 6 months than in the 2 years previously. I highly recommend working with Louise. She is very knowledgable, helpful and inspiring.

Hemma Mason


For the first time in a long while I feel like my business is on its way to success again, and I have Louise to thank for that. I wish I met her years ago, I think I'd be much further along in my craft had I started working with her then!

Ira Giorgettie

commercial photographer

About Louise

Louise Beattie helps small business owners get clear on the exact steps they need to take to create a sustainable and profitable business.

No cookie cutter templates, it's about creating a business that meets your idea of success so that you can create independence and enjoy freedom of choice in your life. Get clear on what success means to YOU (not what everyone else is doing) and confidently move towards that.

Louise is a Business Coach and Positive Intelligence Coach.

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